Adobe is set to revolutionize the creative process with the integration of its innovative Firefly generative AI tools into Creative Cloud applications such as Premiere Pro. Designed to empower novice users, Firefly offers a suite of features that facilitate the creation of polished, professional-grade videos.

One of Firefly’s standout features is its ability to edit videos automatically based on text prompts and AI-generated insights from individual shots. When combined with audio transcription, the tool can also apply subtitles and adjust scenes in response to spoken dialogue.

A compelling example of Firefly’s AI-driven editing capabilities is showcased in a clip where a woman discusses rock climbing preparation. Initially, the clip consists of a continuous shot of the subject speaking to the camera. However, Firefly seamlessly integrates close-up shots of her actions, such as putting on shoes and applying chalk, to correspond with her dialogue.

Firefly also enables users to modify color grading through text prompts, as demonstrated by the phrases “cool morning” and “golden hour” transforming a single scene to depict two distinct times of day. Furthermore, the AI tool can enhance a subject’s facial brightness with a simple text prompt.

In addition to these editing features, Firefly allows users to incorporate logos, graphics, fonts, and title cards using text prompts. These elements can be customized and animated to suit the creator’s vision. Moreover, Firefly can generate royalty-free, personalized music and sound effects to enhance video content.

Remarkably, Firefly can also interpret scripts to create storyboards or edit B-roll footage. The AI tool is capable of producing both hand-drawn and computer-generated visualizations based solely on a script’s text. This enables producers to make text-based adjustments and instantly visualize the results.

Initially unveiled in late March, Firefly was introduced as an AI image generator for applications like Adobe Express, Experience Manager, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Eventually, the tool will be incorporated into Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express workflows.

To sidestep the controversies plaguing image generators such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney, Adobe is currently training Firefly exclusively on Adobe Stock Photos, Public Domain content, and open-license material. In the future, Adobe plans to offer contributors the choice to opt out of AI training and intends to unveil a compensation system for stock photo creators.