It’s time to level up your Midjourney game with this ultimate guide to creating pro prompts that’ll make your AI-generated art sizzle. So grab your creative juice, and let’s dive into this adventure! 🤩🎨

  1. Start with a dope outline Picture yourself as an artist, ready to sketch a sick image. Jot down the main subject, scene, or itsy-bitsy details. This sketch helps your AI buddy Midjourney get the vibe you’re going for. Remember, the more vivid, the better!



  1. Make it pop with style and keywords With your outline set, add some flair using styles and keywords. Midjourney’s AI is like a killer artist, able to whip up images in styles from abstract to dreamy. Experiment with styles and keywords for that perfect combo that’ll bring your vision to life!
  2. Flex your aspect ratio skills Think of Midjourney as a rad painter, ready to create images in all shapes and sizes. Customize the aspect ratio of your masterpiece by adding a double dash followed by the perfect ratio code (e.g., –ar 16:9) to your prompt.
  3. Crank up the creativity with advanced settings Midjourney’s advanced settings are like a magic wand for your art. Mix and match seed, stylization, and chaos parameters until you strike gold for your creative vision. Go wild, and let your imagination run free!
  4. Spotlight your art with weights Give your image some extra oomph by adjusting the weight of various elements in your prompt using the “::” notation. It’s like turning up the volume on the star of your visual symphony!
  5. Remix mode: Picasso vibes Craving a creative twist? Remix mode lets you play with variations while using your starting image as inspo. Just activate Remix mode by typing “/settings” into the chat and prepare to be dazzled by mesmerizing new versions!
  6. Add a splash of color Dip into a world of color by adding hues to your Midjourney prompts. Mix and match colors to create the mood of your masterpiece. Let your artistic vision soar!
  7. Iterate and experiment: Discover the art of Midjourney Don’t be shy! Play around with descriptions, styles, keywords, and settings to uncover the secrets of crafting powerful prompts and jaw-dropping results. Now, it’s time to dive into a library of 30+ Midjourney prompts and create your own mind-blowing visuals! 🚀🌈

A colorful tea party scene in a magical forest, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, with talking animals and oversized teacups –seed 24680 To activate Remix mode, type “/settings” into the chat and select the ‘Remix mode’ button. Let your creative juices flow and watch your artwork transform into mesmerizing new versions!

A lush enchanted forest with emerald-green foliage, magical creatures, and shimmering fairy lights –seed 12345

You can use the prompts in any of these Ai Image generators. Midjourney, Dall-E, Bing Image Creator and any other Ai based Image creator.