Top 10 Best Working Kodi Video Addons 2017. Kodi video add-ons are constantly changing. If any of these third party best Kodi addons stop working, you will either have to update the Add-on source location, or simply has been dropped by the developer. Top 10 Kodi Addons 2017. ➥ //

Covenant Addon from the Lambda developer, It plays movies and TV shows. You can inst_all Covenant Kodi Add-on Using Smash Repository, Ares Wizard, or from the Dimitrology Repository. How to install Covenant Add-on //

Genesis Reborn Add-on like Covenant comes from the same Exodus code, but is updated and working. It’s a good add-on to have, with a similar Covenant interface and plays movies and TV shows. How to install Genesis Add-on //

UK Turks Playlist, is another Kodi add-on that went down temporarily but is back again with a new URL. UK Turk’s is a nice add-on to watch Live TV and TV shows, sports, movies, cartoons and documentaries. How to install UK Turk Add-on //

Maverick TV is another Kodi add-on that has a lot of content. You can watch 4K Movies, TV shows, documentaries and music. It’s a one click to play add-on that finds the best stream available to play. How to install Maverick Add-on //

Elysium Addon is the new name for the well known, Zen kodi add-on. It plays movies and TV shows. It is similar to Genesis Reborn but with updated code. How to install Elysium add-on //

Bob Unrestricted is a one-click to play Kodi add-ona from the popular Phoenix add-on, Blue and Valhalla. It streams both movies and TV shows. How to install BoB Add-on //

cCloud TV is a live streaming kodi plugin. It has been recently updated and is working very well. It has Live streams from many channels all around the world. //

StreamHub Kodi Addon. StreamHub is an older Kodi add-on that recently had some big updates. It has many sections for movies, TV shows, sports, Live TV and more.

Flixnet is a recent Kodi video add-on that allows you to watch TV shows , cartoons, channels, new movies and TV series.

Oblivion. Oblivion Streams is an older add-on from Oblivion Add-on repository. It is a Live TV Kodi add-on that has been constantly updated. It has many good feeds including sports, movies and TV shows.

How to install Kodi video Add-ons:
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Top 10 Best Working Kodi Video Addons 2017

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