Kodi Targetin1080p Vs Husham Gossip

Kodi Omar Vs Husham Gossip

Round 1! It looks like husham and Dirty Omar are at it. This was expected at least on my end. This Omar guy is not dumb. I could have told you that he was a sell out trying to make a buck and a name for himself. even bad press is good in this community as it brings traffic. This prick on the first few days of coming in the scene, Facebook messaged me. He said and I quote ”


I had never spoken to this prick ever. Plus Do not did not even know Soloman. Omar Carrasquillo!


OMAR A fake friend. WATCH OUT.

Dont let Targetin1080p AKA OMAR, FOOL you any more



Just Like OMAR can say things and talk to you like he wants and never bring things down.. Well its time for him to get what I say ..

Omar says I am a lire. When did I lie to you omar, I brought you to a show and made you big.. What did you do for me apart from take subscribers and make money from IPTV Stalker..

The one thing that I asked you to stop talking about in the live show.


Omar sells IPTV Stalker and makes money from it.. What did he do apart from that…. He was happy when he was selling firesticks with stalker. he was cool. he was nice to me when the money was rolling in .. As soon as stalker and paypal has a charge back of 8 K he lost his nerve and decided that time for me to attack my friends because I rather make money from them.


Omar has only done one thing.. he befriended me to gain my trust and used me to get on the ladder.. Well.. Here you go.. The ladder is reached for him and he things he doesnt need me any more..


Omar telling people that I spread a virus in an apk. Well since he has an apk for his so called build and I dont have that.. in fact I asked him let me get an apk and tell me how do I make an apk for my self.. he didnt share that information. I dont see how did I spread a virus for APK when I dont have one..


Omar has said I am stealing money.. Well Since I have been doing Youtube and giving free for everyone for along time before you OMAR before you even knew how to use youtube and live streaming. if any one making money then it must be you OMAR.. You sold IPTV stalker non stop. and you wanted to take every chance to get to talk about stalker..

OMAR said I am motivated by money, So OMAR money doesnt motivate you at all?!.. so these firesticks you sell and the iptv stalker you sell .. NOT MONEY .. oh … YOU JUST GIVE FOR FREE..

Omar.. I calmed you down during last night live show and tried to mute you to focous on questions and answers. but you wouldnt have it.. I rather we be friends .. So I came in the after show .. I unblocked you and using the peers we talked we listened and we shouted and you sweared nonstop and I sweared back.. but at the end .. we were talking off the show and we talked it out and we were ok.. what did you do after that.. I went to bed and woke up to you screaming again.. You need to step back.. You should have calmed down.. You should have cooled down and talked among your self..

You stabbed me in the back .. I told you .. You brought this to yourself..


You dont go being friend friend to me face to face and then attack me later.. What you did is wrong.. to a friend.

Bye OMAR.. I dont want your Drama driving nonstop unfriendly talks all the time..

After months of him been my friend .. He now betrays my friendship and then asks for me to accept him as my friend..

Husham Memar

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Kodi Targetin1080p Vs Husham Gossip

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