A file with the M3U8 record expansion is an UTF-8 Encoded Audio Playlist record. They are plain content records that can be utilized by both sound and video players to portray where media documents are found.

For instance, one M3U8 record may give you references to online documents for a web radio station. Another may be made on your PC to construct a playlist for your very own music or a progression of recordings.

A M3U8 document can utilize supreme ways, relative ways, and URLs to allude to explicit media records as well as whole organizers of media documents. Other content data in a M3U8 document might be remarks that portray the substance.

A comparative arrangement, M3U, can utilize UTF-8 character encoding, as well, however may incorporate other character encodings also. In this way, the .M3U8 document augmentation is utilized to demonstrate that the record is in truth utilizing UTF-8 character encoding.

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