This is some big news Dish Network has decided to SUE ZEMTV and TVADDONS. TorrentFreak posted an article guaranteeing Dish Network was suing TVAddons over the Zem TV Kodi addon, asserting copyright encroachment of different TV channels. It expresses that TVAddons is obligated for dispersing the addon being referred to. The addon gives a couple of more certainties:

The addon gives a few more facts:

  1. The lawsuit was filed in a Texas federal court late last week (presumably June 1st or June 2nd).
  2. The Zem TV service is re-transmitting these channels over the internet to end-users who install the addon via the TVAddons repository.
  3. The Zem TV operator, shani_08 used the TVAddons platform to share and promote its service while asking for donations.
  4. Dish Network has claimed to send numerous takedown requests to internet service providers associated with the Zem TV service.
  5. TorrentFreak spoke with a representative from TVAddons, who was not familiar of any lawsuit or takedown requests. The TVA website includes a takedown request contact page.
  6. Zem TV was removed from the TVAddons library weeks ago due to a “technical issue”
  7. The article then lists a PDF of a court document filed, which can be read here.

It’s hard to say what this means and if there is anything that can legitimately be done. If Dish Network suing TVAddons, shani, and Zem TV is true, there are a few facts about this case they appear to have gotten wrong:

How is this going to unfold? I don’t know but I think it’s important that everyone protects themselves when using Kodi to stream or even APK’s!

Protect yourself at all times!!

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