Here is how the situation looks like:

Types of streaming:

KODI – Pretty safe!
Torrents – Very unsafe

USA – Kodi is legal, 3rd party addons for kodi are lega, you can not go to jail for streaminmg, but if you are selling preloaded boxes with Kodi there is a possibility you can be charged.

CANADA – Selling boxes is legal, that are not preloaded with any 3rd party add-ons, as soon as you load any 3rd party add-ons it is now illegal and Yes you can go to jail. Streaming is completely legal as a user and watching TV. Torrents are dangerous
You may get a letter from your ISP if you don’t protect yourself with a VPN

You should always check your law in your country, this is just information and I am not responsible what can occur as a result of streaming. If you want to be 100% safe use a VPN link below:


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