Google Maps is the most popular navigation App in the World, full of hidden navigation features, search and customization tools. These are Google Maps Tips and Tricks, 30 Google Maps Features You Should Try Today! ➥ Subscribe

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Plot Multiple Locations on Google Maps 00:24
Access Google Maps Offline 00:57
Change Directions by Drag and Drop 01:19
Find directions right-click 01:37
Measure any Distance (right click) 01:52
Accessible Transit Routes 02:15
Ride Sharing Services 02:43
Time Travel With Google Maps 3:03
Street View Key Commands 03:50
Create Your Own Street View 04:08
From Maps View to Google Earth 04:25
Create Your Own Private Google Maps 05:12
Refine Searches Using “Near” 06:19
Traffic Reporter 06:41
What’s the Parking Situation? 07:09
Remember Where you Parked 07:33
Tilt Your Phone to Guide Your Way 08:00
Share Real Time Location 8:21
Indoor Maps 08:45
Share Your Favorite Places 08:24
Use Voice Commands While Driving 10:00
The Peg man (Pegman) 10:36
Explorer Maps Galleries 10:56
Explore TAB 11:08
Local Guide 11:28
Find Nation Specific Info 11:51
Choose Your Language 12:17
Footnotes 12:30
Easter Eggs 13:02
Change Your Maps History 13:26

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Google Maps Tips and Tricks: 30 Google Maps Features You Should Try Today!

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