Hard skills get you hired. But ChatGPT prompts get you promoted. 11 prompts to accelerate your career:

1. Implement a 360-degree feedback approach Prompt: “Design a 360-degree feedback process for me to gather insights from colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates, helping me identify areas for improvement and strengthen my professional skills.” ______

2. Become an effective intrapreneur Prompt: “Offer guidance on how to develop and pitch innovative ideas or projects within my organization to showcase my creativity and problem-solving abilities.” ______

3. Develop thought leadership in your field Prompt: “Suggest a plan for developing and sharing thought leadership content (e.g., articles, presentations, webinars) to enhance my credibility and visibility in [specific industry.]” ______

4. Develop a personal SWOT analysis for career growth Prompt: “Suggest areas to consider in a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to help me understand my current standing and create a strategic plan for career advancement.” ______

5. Learn to anticipate industry trends and changes Prompt: “Help me identify emerging trends and developments in [specific industry] and suggest ways to adapt my skillset and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.” ______

6. Cultivate strategic relationships and alliances Prompt: “My company has these [specific characteristics]. Identify key stakeholders and influencers within my organization or industry and provide suggestions on how to build strong professional relationships with them.” ______

7. Build a diverse skillset to increase versatility Prompt: “Recommend complementary skills or certifications I should acquire given my [specific role] and [specific industry] to enhance my professional value and increase my versatility within my organization or industry.” ______

8. Implement a reverse mentoring program Prompt: “Design a reverse mentoring program for me to learn from younger or less experienced colleagues, gaining insights into new perspectives and emerging skills.” ______

9. Create an accomplishments journal Prompt: “Help me develop a system for tracking and documenting my accomplishments, project successes, and positive feedback to use as evidence of my value during performance reviews or promotion discussions.” ______

10. Develop a plan for strategic volunteering Prompt: “Suggest opportunities for strategic volunteering or committee involvement within my organization or industry that will allow me to expand my network, showcase my skills, and gain valuable experience.” ______

11. Cultivate a reputation as a problem solver Prompt: “Provide guidance on how to proactively identify and address challenges within my organization, positioning myself as a valuable problem solver and go-to resource for my team and management.”