The Internet of Things, smart devices connected to the internet, communicating, sending you information and even taking your commands. Best Smart Home Hubs 2018 // Top 5 Smart Hubs and Controllers to Automate your Home Today. // Subscribe // Best Smart Home Hubs 2018

Amazon Echo Plus // is a simple way to start your smart home automation. The Echo Plus is a two in one device, its a smart speaker with Alexa voice assistance and the Zig Bee home hub. It may not replace a dedicated smart home unit, but it has strong Wi-Fi reception and bass response audio.

Amazon Echo // If you just Want a smart Speaker with Alexa built-in.

Amazon Echo Spot // is a tiny touch-screen with a cute design that makes a perfect bedside or table clock. It has a 3.5mm output and supports all the Alexa features.

Amazon Echo Show // A camera with a 7-inch touch screen with Alexa voice assistant. A useful touch screen to discover and selecting suggested items and controlling playback.

Samsung SmartThings Hub // Is one of the most versatile automation hubs on the market. It offers excellent user tips and advices, It’s easy to install, supports many Wi-Fi devices and multiple wireless protocols.

Wink Hub 2 // supports dual-band Wi-Fi and works with every wireless protocols. The Installation and device pairing is quick and easy. It works with Alexa voice commands and IFTTT Applets.
Wink Lookout Smart Security Essentials //

Logitech Harmony Elite // can be a bit expensive. But is the most advanced universal remote without a custom installation. It comes with a Hub to control most of your smart home devices. And supports a ton of home entertainment with an intuitive Application.

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Best Smart Home Hubs 2018 – Top 5 Smart Hubs and Controllers to Automate your Home Today!

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